Behaviour For Learning Policy 2018

This is an emotionally intelligent educational establishment. We all work together to enhance the life chances of our children. In order to do this we all pay due regard to our own emotions and those of the children in our care. We know the importance of developing character that makes the most of the chances life has to offer us.

Our school motto – “Lighting the flame of learning” is fulfilled when we ensure that everyone is in the right frame of mind to take part in the learning process.

In this school we nurture children carefully to achieve and all children thrive in our positive culture where lids are not placed on their potential.

The purpose of our behaviour policy is:-

We have systems in place for rewarding good behaviour and a range of sanctions for dealing with unacceptable behaviour.

The success of the policy calls for commitment from all involved including staff, pupils, parents and governors.

We acknowledge the role that parents have in helping their children to behave well and in supporting the work of the school. We believe that it is important to work together with parents to agree and implement strategies that will have the greatest effect on their children’s behaviour.

Aims and expectations

The School Rules

We acknowledge that children may need extra help to learn how to behave appropriately in different situations. We will provide this help in a caring and sensitive manner in accordance with our school aims.

Classroom rules

At the beginning of each year every class discusses and identifies its own set of positive rules and these will be produced as a ‘Class Charter’ displaying children’s and staffs rights and responsibilities in every classroom.

These rules would include the concepts that:-

Playground rules

Peace keepers are used at playtimes as a way of helping children to sort out disputes.  Playground buddies are used on the infant playground in the same way. 

Our objectives are:-


We celebrate and praise positive behaviour at Moorside in a variety of ways:- 

Steps/Traffic light system

Behaviour is monitored on a daily basis.  We investigate any negative behaviour to find the cause eg antecedent what? Where? When? And why?  This is all logged and kept.

Severe behaviour

If a child causes physical harm to another child/ adult or property, uses abusive language or continually refuses to comply they will be sent to the Headteacher. Parents will be informed and the Headteacher will choose an appropriate sanction e.g. after school detention or which may mean exclusion in more severe cases. All exclusions will be in line with LEA guidelines.


Bullying behaviour will not be tolerated and any instances of bullying will be dealt with immediately in accordance with Moorside’s Anti-bullying policy.

Any child who experiences instances of bullying in any form can talk to a playground buddy, any adult in school (including the learning mentor) or can complete a bullying slip and put this on the head teachers desk. Which will then be read and pursued by the head-teacher (and a record made in a log-book of instances)


All lunchtime staff use a consistent approach.  Any persistent negative behaviour is reported to the lunchtime supervisor or/and learning mentor and a log is kept in each classroom. 

At lunchtime we continue to reward positive behaviour with praise.

 1. Children who show negative behaviour are initially warned but the situation may need to be investigated and all members of staff must ensure they do this.

2. If negative behaviour persists 2nd warning

3. Continued negative behaviour -time out period 5 minutes (until child is calm)

4. Further problems -this will be referred to the mid-day supervisor or Learning mentor who will talk to the child and investigate further the situation and take appropriate action. This may include removal from the playground, removal of privileges, discussion of the child’s behaviour with the child themselves and/or parents. The LM will liaise with the class teachers.

In classrooms there are behaviour logs to record behaviour incidents in.

These logs are monitored by the Lunchtime Supervisor and discussed with individuals when necessary.

The headteacher is called upon when needed.

Playground buddies (selected Year 5 and Year 6 children) are trained and used for supporting behaviour and promoting co-operation on the Infant playgrounds through planned activities.

Peacekeepers – a group of Y5 and Y6 pupils volunteer to become Peacekeepers. They are interviewed by the Y6 Peacekeepers who are leaving in the Summer and the Y5 pupils who are about to transition to Y6. Their role in school is to assist adults in ensuring we live according to our school motto – ‘This is our school, Let peace live here..’ They promote the values of being a good citizen who solve problems for others maintaining good order and showing care and compassion for others.

Support systems

Some children need extra support to help them learn to behave appropriately.

For children with Special Educational Needs an individual behaviour programme will be established in consultation with parents, the child, the class teacher, the school’s SENCO and any relevant support staff.

All staff will be aware of the programme and will support the implementation.

Parents can access support in school through appointments with the class teacher or Learning mentor. A record is kept of such interactions by teachers.

The Learning mentor works with children who have barriers to their behaviour and learning, and works with children and parents to overcome those barriers.


Moorside seeks to implement the principles of SEALs (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) as a way of supporting behaviour for learning through:-

Policy review

Next date to be reviewed - September 2019

This policy was reviewed by staff September 2018

This policy was reviewed by staff Dec. 3rd 2012.