I accept that as accounting officer of Moorside CP Academy School I am responsible and accountable for ensuring that the academy delivers good value in the use of public resources. I am aware of the guide to academy value for money statements published by the EFA and understand that value for money refers to the education and wider societal outcome achieved in return for the taxpayer resources received.

I have set out below how I have ensured that the academy’s use of its resources has provided good value for money during the academic year.

First and foremost is the impact our use of the budget has had on educational standards.

Improving Educational Results


KS1 outcomes are all above both local and national standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics e.g. Reading L2B+ (age-related expectations)

Moorside Academy 92.9%, Lancashire average 79.7% and National average (2013) 79%.

KS2 outcomes are equally outstanding
Moorside Academy average point score (all subjects combined) = 30.1
Lancashire (2014) 28.9
National (2012) 28.2

Reading L4B+ (age-related expectation)
Moorside Academy 95%
Lancashire 79.2%
National 78%

Mathematics L4B+
Moorside Academy 85%
Lancashire 77.9%
National 75%

Such results are, particularly when the context of the Academy is taken into account ((FSM6 58%), the culmination of much carefully focused hard work by staff, support from Governors who invest in low pupil teacher ratios (approximately 1:8) and promotion of a ‘can do’ culture amongst pupils. Effort is highly prized in the school and celebrated by all. Such an approach ensures pupils understand that through their best efforts and teachers’ skilful input they can and do achieve, making rapid progress in their learning.

What is Best Value & Why is it Important?

Governors will apply the four principles of best value:

Best Value is a statutory duty to secure continuous improvement in the way that services and functions are exercised by the most economic, efficient and effective means possible. Whilst best value does not apply statutorily to school governing bodies, schools are expected to demonstrate that they are following best value principles in their expenditure of public money, and as part of their evaluation of standards, the curriculum, and partnership with parents and management. This is not a new process, but an opportunity to build on what the school has already achieved.

Accordingly the academy has in place a strategy and a set of guidelines, updated annually, which will ensure the Best Value will be reviewed and demonstrated.

Our objectives are set out below:-


Continue to raise standard through a focus of intervention strategies for targeted pupils and a whole academy approach to Teaching & Learning.

Academy Systems

Maintain a MIS one system that enables staff to access information about pupils and to be able to input data including attendance and assessment. Access for parents/carers to information regarding their child. The Academy to comply with regulations.

Leadership & Management

Continue to support middle leaders through leadership programmes or Masters Degrees and senior leaders through Masters Degrees or NPQH. Ensuring that there is a systematic approach by the Governing Body to check the effectiveness of the provision by :-

Improving academy effectiveness by :-

Financial Management

Improving efficiency of the Financial Management by :-


Ensuring Best Value principles are applied to the purchase of resources by :-


To monitor effective use of the Academy environment by :-

Financial Governance & Oversight

The Academy will have an internal audit services provided by Egan Roberts Accountants. The service will review the financial systems and procedures that are in place and report back to Audit Committee.

The Finance & Staffing Committee receives termly financial reports.


These areas will be monitored for best value by :-

Headteacher .......... Christine Howard

Chair Of Governors ... Deborah Hyman

November 2014