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Charging & Remissions Policy - 2018 - 2019

Implementation Date: 23 November 2016

Adopted by Governors: 23 November 2016

Review period: Annually

Reviewed: 21 November 2018

Next Review: 21 November 2019


This Charging & Remissions Policy complies with statutory requirements and should be read in conjunction with the Department for Education: Charging for School Activities Guidance updated May 2018.


There is no charge for admissions

School Meals

There is no charge for children who are entitled to free school meals or infant free school meals.  Pupils who are not entitled to free school meals will be charged a set amount as decided by the Governing Body of the Academy.      

Activities during School Hours

All education undertaken as part of the National Curriculum and provided wholly or mostly during school hours is free, with the exception of music tuition.

This also includes transport provided in school hours to carry pupils between the academy and an activity, although on specific occasions the academy may ask parents for a contribution towards costs. 

We may charge for books and materials that a parent/carer wishes a child to keep (the cost will be made clear before charge) and optional extras.

Activities Outside of School Hours

There is no charge for activities that take place outside of school hours when they are part of the set curriculum (including sports matches against other schools), part of the syllabus for a public examination that the pupil is being prepared for by school or part of the basic curriculum for religious education.

School Trips / Visits

When organising school trips or visits which enrich the curriculum and educational experience of the children, the school invites parents to contribute to the cost of the trip.  In any case where an activity cannot be afforded without voluntary funding, this will be made clear to parents/carers.  If the activity is cancelled all monies paid will be returned.  

Sometimes the school pays additional costs in order to support the visit. Parents have a right to know how each trip is funded and this information can be provided upon request.

The following is a list of additional activities, which may require voluntary contributions from parents. These activities are known as ‘optional extras’. This list is not exhaustive:

Residential Activities

Our academy will not charge for:

Our academy may charge for:

Music Tuition

All children study music as part of the normal school curriculum.  We do not charge for this.

There may be a charge for individual or group music tuition if this is not part of the National Curriculum.  In the event that peripatetic music teachers teach individual or small group lessons then we may make a charge for these lessons. Parents in receipt of some state benefits are exempt from payment.  We give parents information about additional music tuition at the start of each academic year.


The academy organises swimming lessons for children in Key Stage 2.  These take place in school time and are part of the National Curriculum and therefore we make no charge for this activity.  We inform parents when these lessons are to take place, and we ask parents for their written permission for their child to take part in swimming lessons.

Extended Services

Extended services enable the academy to provide either high-quality learning opportunities or childcare either side of the school day. 

We provide a breakfast club and after school club which are chargeable.  Charges cover the cost of non-teaching staff engaged to provide the activity and food/beverages (either a substantial breakfast in the morning and/or snack in the early evening.

The total charge will not exceed the cost of the provision and no parent will be asked to subsidise others.

Damage to Property and Breakages

Where school property has been wilfully damaged by a pupil (or parent) the academy may charge those responsible for some or all of the cost of repair or replacement.

Where property belonging to a third party has been damaged by a pupil, and the academy has been charged, we may charge some or all of the cost to those responsible.

Whether or not these charges will be made will be decided by the Headteacher and dependent on the situation.

Remissions and Concessions

The academy will give consideration to the remission of charges to parents or carers who receive the following support payments:

Children of families who receive these payments are also entitled to free school meals.  Parents who are eligible for remission of charges will be dealt with confidentially.

The Headteacher will authorise the remission of charges.  The academy may choose to subsidise part or all of the payment of some charges for certain activities and pupils, and this will be determined by the Headteacher and Governing Body.

Inability or Unwillingness to Pay

The academy is committed to ensuring fair access and treatment of all pupils, and this means ensuring that no child is excluded from an activity because the parents or carers of that child are unwilling or unable to pay.  If there is insufficient funding for an activity, then it will be cancelled.

The identity of the child or parents of the child who did not want to make the payment, or could not make the payment, will not be disclosed under any circumstances.

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