Single Equalities Policy

1. Statement Of Principles.

The policy outlines the commitment of the staff, pupils and governors of Moorside School to ensure that equality of opportunity is available to all members of the school community.   For our school this means not simply treating everybody the same but understanding and tackling the different barriers which could lead to unequal outcomes for different groups of pupils in school, whilst celebrating and valuing the achievements and strengths of all members of the school community.  These include:

• Pupils

• Staff 

• Parents/carers

• The governing body

• Multi-agency staff linked to the school

• Visitors to school

• Students on placement 

We believe that equality at our school should permeate all aspects of school life and is the responsibility of every member of the school and wider community. Every member of the school community should feel safe, secure, valued and of equal worth. 

At Moorside school, equality is a key principle for treating all people fairly and creating a society in which everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential - irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, age or any other recognised area of discrimination. 

Our mission statement emphasises that we are school where all children are encouraged to be the best they can possibly be.  We strive to break down all barriers to learning – those created by race, culture, gender or special needs.

Our most recent OFSTED inspection (Dec. 2011) highlighted the good work that the school is responsible for.

“The progress and achievement of pupils known to be eligible for free school meals and for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities are outstanding because of the excellence of the care, guidance and support they receive. The previous gap which saw girls’ attainment lower than that of boys is closing rapidly as the school’s initiatives to develop girls’ confidence and self-belief have a positive impact.”

“Equal opportunities are promoted well. All groups of pupils achieve well and some make outstanding progress.”

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2. School In Context.

This is an average sized primary school and Nursery in which the proportion of pupils known to be eligible for free school meals is well above the national average.  Most pupils are white, British. Very few pupils speak English as an additional language. The proportion of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities is above average. The proportion of pupils with a statement of special educational needs is broadly in line with the national average.

3. Ethos & Atmosphere.

4. Policy Development.

This policy applies to the whole school community.  It has been drawn up as a result of the outcomes of a transparent process and through consultation with:

5. Monitoring & Review.

Moorside school is an inclusive school, working towards greater equality in the whole school community.  We use the curriculum and teaching to enhance the self-esteem of all those it serves and to provide a learning environment in which each individual is encouraged to fulfil her or his potential.

We collect and analyse a range of equality information for our pupils/students:

Through termly Pupil Progress meetings children’s performance is monitored individually. It is also monitored through the analysis of children’s groups – FSM, SEN, Gender, Term of birth, AG&T, LA children, EAL.

We make regular assessments of pupils’ learning and use this information to track pupils’ progress, as they move through the school.  As part of this process, we regularly monitor the performance of different groups, to ensure that all groups of pupils are making the best possible progress.  We use this information to adjust future teaching and learning plans, as necessary.

Resources are available to support groups of pupils where the information suggests that progress is not as good as it should be. The governing body receives regular updates on pupil performance information. 

School performance information is compared to national data and local authority data, to ensure that pupils are making appropriate progress when compared to all schools, and to schools in similar circumstances. 

As well as monitoring pupil performance information, we also regularly monitor a range of other information.  This relates to:

Our monitoring activities enable us to identify any differences in pupil performance and provide specific support as required, including pastoral support.  This allows us to take appropriate action to meet the needs of specific groups in order to make necessary improvements.

Moorside School is also committed to providing a working environment free from discrimination, bullying, harassment and victimisation.  We aim to recruit an appropriately qualified workforce and establish a governing body that is representative of all sections of the community in order to respect and respond to the diverse needs of our population.           

We collect and analyse a range of profile information for our staff and governors: 

We hold all of this information on our SIMS database which is password protected for confidentiality.

All training is always recorded and Governors are informed annually as to its uptake.

We have identified the following issues from the analysis of the data:

Currently there are no issues regarding staff or Governor representation in our workforce.

Due regard is given to the promotion of equality in the School Improvement Plan.  The person responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the policy and action plan is the headteacher.

Their role is to:

Learning and Teaching  

We aim to provide all our pupils with the opportunity to succeed, and to reach the highest level of personal achievement.  To do this, teaching and learning will:

Learning Environment

There is a consistently high expectation of all pupils regardless of their gender, ethnicity, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, age or any other recognised area of discrimination. All pupils are encouraged to improve on their own achievements and not to measure themselves against others.  Parents are also encouraged to view their own children’s achievements in this light. 


At Moorside school, we aim to ensure that: 

Resources and Materials

The provision of good quality resources and materials within Moorside school is a high priority.  When ordering new resources and materials staff should consider carefully how they show equality. These resources should:


We recognise that it is important at Moorside school that all members of the school community use appropriate language which: .

Extended Learning Opportunities

It is the policy of this school to provide equal access to all activities from an early age.

We undertake responsibility for making contributions to extended learning opportunities and are aware of the school’s commitment to equality of opportunity (e.g. sports helpers, coach drivers) by providing them with written guidelines drawn from this policy.

We try to ensure that all such non staff members who have contact with children adhere to these guidelines.

Provision for Bi-lingual Pupils  

We undertake at Moorside school to make appropriate provision for all EAL/bi-lingual children/groups to ensure access to the whole curriculum. These groups may include:

     Personal Development and Pastoral Guidance  

Staffing and Staff Development  

We recognise the need for positive role models and distribution of responsibility among staff.

Staff Recruitment


Under the Equality Act 2010, in very limited circumstances, an employer can claim that a certain religious denomination or belief is considered to be a genuine occupational requirement of that role.  An aided school may be able to rely on this for some roles in school, particularly those roles that provide spiritual leadership.  However this would not apply for all staff in School.

In addition, there are also instances in which a job will qualify for a genuine occupational requirement on the grounds of gender. However, only in very few instances would this be permissable, for example, where the job is likely to involve physical contact with members of the opposite sex, where matters of decency or privacy are involved.

Partnerships with Parents/Carers/Families and the Wider Community  

We will work with parents/carers to help all pupils to achieve their potential. 

9. Roles & Responsibilities

  • Our governing body will ensure that the school complies with statutory requirements in respect of this policy and action plan
  • The headteacher is responsible for the implementation of this policy, and will ensure that staff are aware of their responsibilities, that they are given necessary training and support and report progress to the governing body
  • The headteacher has day-to-day responsibility for co-ordinating the implementation of this policy
  • Our staff will promote an inclusive and collaborative ethos in the school, challenge inappropriate language and behaviour, respond appropriately to incidents of discrimination and harassment, ensure appropriate support for children with additional needs and maintain a good level of awareness of equalities issues
  • All members of the school community have a responsibility to treat each other with respect, to feel valued, and to speak out if they witness or are subject to any inappropriate language or behaviour
  • We will take steps to ensure all visitors to the school adhere to our commitment to equality.
  • Our SEAL Learning Mentor will take particular responsibility for day-to-day issues/problems arising particularly when children are new to the school.

10. Commissioning & Procurement.

Moorside School will ensure that we buy services from organisations that comply with equality legislation.  This will be a significant factor in any tendering process.

C. Howard (Headteacher) Autumn 2018

Our target for improvement is :-