Our Learning in the Juniors

At Moorside we strongly believe in a topic based approach which makes learning engaging and relevant and offers children the chance to develop their knowledge and learn new skills in a variety of exciting and interesting ways.

The children really enjoy learning in this way and show great enthusiasm towards the variety of topics.

We constantly review our teaching and learning to ensure that our children are gaining the best from the curriculum. Having worked successfully on a reading project in KS1 with educational publisher 'Pearson', this year we have introduced their excellent 'Bug Club' reading resources to the juniors.

Wherever possible we aim to enrich the curriculum for our children. We regularly take part in themed days such as World Book Day and charitable events such as Children in Need. Each half term we have a themed enrichment week which enables our pupils to take part in activities that are different to their usual learning. Themes include Peace and Hope, Enterprise week, Reaching Out and Learning Outside the Classroom. Where possible we invite visitors into school and organise school visits to exciting venues, all of which are designed to give our children new and interesting experiences.

At Moorside Academy we try to bring to life our school motto - 'Lighting the flame of learning'.

Year 3

In Year 3 the children have a love for learning for all aspects of the curriculum. As well as numeracy, literacy and science, the children learn about a new topic every half term. Artwork, history and geography is then based around the particular topic.

The first topic is The Stone Ages where the children learn all about changes in Britain back in the Stone Ages. We then focus our topic on The Beatles and how their music influenced our music today. The children enjoy taking part in their own class assembly which is all about what they’ve learnt about during this topic.

After Christmas, we then explore the Roman Empire and how the Romans legacy still impacts our lives today. The children enjoy designing and creating their own Roman shield which they then enjoy using as part of a learning outside the classroom activity.

We then move on to learning all about Asia and the different cultures within this continent. The children enjoy tasting Asian inspired food as part of this topic. As the final summer term commences, we then learn all about the Rainforest, its animals, climate and the effect of deforestation. The children enjoy learning all about the rainforest animals and how they adapt to their environment.

Our final topic is Sporting Legends, where the children learn all about the Olympics and the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Year 4

In year 4, we will be studying a wide variety of topics. This includes World War 2, where we will be investigating the life of an evacuee and we will be delving into our class novel ‘Blitz Boys’.

Before Christmas, we will develop our understanding of the history of chocolate and the ancient civilizations that first cultivated the bean. Roald Dahl will take us through the life of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’.

In the New Year, Year 4 will step into the shoes of an Antarctic explorer, as we travel through the depths of the unforgiving continent, and its inhabitants.

Our next topic will bring us back in time to explore the dangers of living next to a violent volcano in Pompeii and how climate change is affecting our environment.

Year 4 will then be studying the awesome Egyptians and their fabulous pharaohs. At the end of the year, we will delve into the big mysteries of the world and debate if the Loch Ness Monster really exists. Year 4 are joined by Miss Mills, Miss Farrington and Mrs Pearson.

Year 5

Year 5 have lots of interesting topics to focus their learning around this year. We will be starting the year learning about the ‘Vikings’ and our class assembly will be themed around this.

In the second part of the Autumn term we will look at another period in history when we focus our learning on the ‘Ancient Greeks’. The new year will see us learning about ‘Spies & Lies’ where we will look at code breaking and famous spies, then we will move on to our topic entitled ‘Potter & More’ which will centre around the rich literature of Harry Potter amongst others.

In the summer term we will be studying the ‘Caribbean’, comparing and contrasting the environment and climate with that of Britain. To round off the year we will study ‘The Great Outdoors’ focussing particularly on our local environment.

Year 6

Year 6 Welcome to Year 6! It has been a fantastic start to the school year with children preparing for their SATs later in the year.

We have had the author Dan Worley come and visit us. Children have produced some excellent writing in sessions with him and really loved reading the impossible tales.

Our class novels have included ‘Once’ and ‘Macbeth’ which Year 6 have really enjoyed. Later in the year our class will make a trip to Borwick Hall which they are already excited about!