Social and Emotional aspects of Learning.

At Moorside Academy a great deal of time and effort is put into ensuring that we are an emotionally intelligent setting. As adults we try to be aware when our own emotions prevent us from operating at our best. Sports people talk about the ‘chimp’ and how they try to make sure it doesn’t prevent them from winning. It really is referring to that inner voice that can be both good and bad. Our emotions play a big part in which voice we listen to. When we are angry because we feel an injustice we try not to allow that angry voice to rule the one that is saying to us to calm down. As adults we usually know that when we’re angry we make our biggest mistakes. Here at Moorside we help children to understand and deal with their emotions so that they can concentrate on doing their best to be efficient learners. Lots of emotions can get in the way of learning e.g. fear. If children worry that they can’t do something or are frightened that they will get it wrong then they won’t learn.

So Moorside Academy really does work hard to not only ‘light the flame of learning’ – we work hard to keep it blazing!

There are 7 SEAL themes spread over a 2 year period of time:-

Each term we have a new theme and within the theme children are awarded prizes for showing their teachers exceptional behaviour in one of the 4 categories in each theme. Thirty six children (4 per class) are chosen to be awarded a SEAL prize at our special assembly each term (called Secret Seal Assembly). In the school entrance there are pictures of all the children who have been chosen over the years. Once they have been awarded a SEAL prize more than once stars are added to their pictures – bronze, silver and gold. Golden children have a special place for their pictures to be displayed. Some children go on to earn multiple gold stars. The children take this very seriously as do the staff. It really does make a difference in our school creating on the whole a happy and positive climate. It doesn’t prevent children from falling out from time to time but dealing with problems is something we do well because of our SEAL approach.