Moorside Academy’s Sensory Garden

At Moorside the appreciation of the natural world is considered to be an important aspect of our children’s education. We want to inspire children to have a love of the beauty that is all around us if only we take the time to look. Our school grounds are therefore very important in ensuring we do not consider learning to take place only in classrooms.

In our Sensory Garden each class has their own raised bed to cultivate and each July these beds are judged by our Midstream liaison officer (Martin Thomlinson). In 2018 we are expanding this feature of the school and building more raised beds. This is to enable children to safely cultivate vegetables and fruit as well as creating raised beds that are aesthetically pleasing.

Each class will have a shared raised bed for growing food located at the back of the school. Children will be expected to present evidence that they have grown, harvested and eaten their produce. As the project develops we will update their progress on our website.