Head Teacher

Mr R Davis

Mr Davis is the Head Teacher at Moorside Community Primary Academy. As well as overseeing the day-to-day running of the school, he is also responsible for child protection and staff professional development. He is responsible for Numeracy, Assessment, organising placements and is the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

Teaching Staff

Mrs R Russell

Mrs Russell is the Assistant Headteacher and Year 4 class teacher. She is also responsible for coordinating Literacy and Special Educational Needs (SEN) across the school.

Mrs A Jameson

Miss Smithson is Assistant Headteacher and the Reception class teacher. She also oversees the whole of Early Years, is responsible for coordinating Science across the school and is the backup Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Miss K Moss

Miss Moss is the Nursery manager. She is also responsible for coordinating History and Geography across the school.

Mrs R Gittins

Mrs Gittins is the Year 1 class teacher. She is also responsible for coordinating Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) across the school and the School Council.

Miss Z Shimmin

Miss Shimmin is the Year 2 class teacher.  She is also responsible for coordinating Religious Education, Modern Foreign Languages and Art and DT across the school. She is also back up Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

Miss T Lungu

Miss Lungu is the Year 3 class teacher and is responsible for Physical Education

Mrs L McNay

Mrs McNay is the Year 5 class teacher.  She is also responsible for coordinating Music.

Miss L Mills

Miss Mills is the Year 6 class teacher. She is also responsible for coordinating Information and Communication technology (ICT).

Non Teaching Staff

Administration Staff

Mrs J Lee – School Business Manager

Mrs C Smalley – Office Manager

Miss N Bolton – Apprentice Business Support Officer

Learning Mentor

Mrs O McSorley – Back up Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and Learning Mentor

HLTA’s and Teaching Assistants

Mrs H Kirby Mrs J King
Miss N Sharp Mrs S Hudson
Miss D Farrington Miss C Bradshaw
Mrs S Mooney Mrs C Quinn
Miss L Gaskell Miss K Eisen
Mr D Shire Mrs K Gleave
Miss M Conner Mrs A Flannery
Mrs L Moore Mrs C Pearson
Mrs D Jones – Breakfast Club Supervisor Mr D McSorley
Mrs E Hughes – After School Club supervisor  

Apprentice Teaching Assistants

Mr M Conner                                            

Miss A Kirby

Mr S McKenna                                         

Miss M Davies

Miss R Hudson

Dinner-time/Welfare Staff

Mrs K Gleave Mrs E Hughes
Mrs S Battell Mrs M Williamson
Mr D Shire Mrs S Nickson
Miss K Eisen Miss L Frederick
Mrs A Flannery Mrs S Clarke – Kitchen manager
Miss A Kirby Mrs J Conaughton
Mrs S Mooney Miss D Weedall
Miss R Hudson Mrs M McClinton
Mrs J King Mrs B Sanderson
Miss M Davies  

Site Supervisor

Mrs G Murray


Mrs S Battel                                             

Mrs M McClinton

Mrs S Nickson

Mrs B Sanderson