Mr R Davishead@moorside-academy.co.uk

Mr Davis is the Headteacher at Moorside Community Primary Academy. As well as overseeing the day-to-day running of the school, he is also responsible for child protection and staff professional development and is the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

Teaching Staff

Mrs K Aspdenkaspden@moorside-academy.co.uk

Mrs Aspden is the Nursery Manager.

Mrs N Duttonndutton@moorside-academy.co.uk

Mrs Dutton is the Reception class teacher.

Miss E Hallehall@moorside-academy.co.uk

Miss Hall is the Year 1 class teacher.

Mrs Z Bakerzbaker@moorside-academy.co.uk

Mrs. Baker is the Year 2 class teacher. 

Mr C Hattonchatton@moorside-academy.co.uk

Mr Hatton is the Year 3 class teacher.

Mrs H Coynehcoyne@moorside-academy.co.uk

Mrs Coyne is the Year 4 class teacher.

Mrs R Russellrrussell@moorside-academy.co.uk
Mrs A Jamesonajameson@moorside-academy.co.uk

Mrs Russell and Mrs. Jameson share teaching Year 5. They are both Assistant Headteachers. Mrs. Russell is responsible for coordinating Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEN) across the school.

Mrs R Gittins rgittins@moorside-academy.co.uk

Mrs Gittins is the Year 6 class teacher.

Support Staff

Administration Staff

Mrs J Lee – School Business Manager (jlee@moorside-academy.co.uk)

Mrs C Smalley – Office Manager (csmalley@moorside-academy.co.uk)

Miss E Blee – Office Support (eblee@moorside-academy.co.uk)

Learning Mentor

Mrs O McSorley (omcsorley@moorside-academy.co.uk)

HLTA’s and Teaching Assistants

Mrs H Kirby Mrs J King
Miss N Sharp Miss J Davies
Miss D Farrington Miss C Bradshaw
Miss A Kirby Mrs C Nelson
Miss L Gaskell Miss K Eisen
Mr S Mckenna Mrs K Gleave
Miss T Matthews Mrs D Jones
Mrs L Moore Mrs C Pearson
Mrs A Flannery – Breakfast Club Supervisor Mr D McSorley
Mrs E Hughes – After School Club Supervisor Mrs K Wright  
Miss J HuttonMrs C Slobin

Dinner-time/Welfare Staff

Mrs K Gleave Mrs M Flemming – Kitchen manager
Miss J Davies Mrs B Sanderson
Mrs E Hughes Miss D Weedall
Miss K Eisen Mr S McKenna
Mrs A Flannery Mr. D McSorley
Miss K Welsh Miss C Shuttleworth
Mrs M Williamson
Mrs J King
Mrs S Nickson  

Site Supervisor

Mr. F Nickson

We have 0 employees that have a gross annual salary and benefits of £100,000 or more.