Week 13

Week 13 Home Learning
Maths Power Point
Maths Worksheet
Maths Problem Solving

Week 12

Week 12 Home Learning

Week 11

Week 11 Home Learning
Spelling Activities (Complete Page 11 and 13)
Grammar Activity 1
Grammar Activity 2

Week 10

Week 10 Home Learning
Grammar Activities
Mindfulness Activities
Spelling Activities

Week 9

Week 9 Home Learning

Week 8

Week 8 Home Learning

Week 5

Information Learning links and plan
Grammar Grammar Quiz 2

Week 4

InformationInformation Pack
GrammarGrammar Quiz

Week 2

Below you will find links to the information pack. This will include activities to carry out and any additional links and resources you could use.

Information Year 6 – Information Pack
Maths Maths Questions
Maths Answers