Hello we are Moorside CP Academy’s school council. We are here to give the other children in our classes a voice. 

Y6– Lewis, Lexie H

Y5– Jack, Abbey

Y4– Arron, Leona

Y3– Kenzie, Ava H

Y2– Michael, Bella

Y1– Nevaeh, Jacob

Rec– Luchia, Jude

We love to help people and so far this year we have helped the PFA choose sweets for the Halloween disco, that all the children will love.

We try to hold meetings in our classes so that children can share their ideas, opinions and recommendations with the grown-ups and the teachers in our school.

We look forward to implementing changes whenever people come up with new ideas.

As school councilors we try set a shining example for our school community by following the rules and demonstrating the school values.

Written by the Moorside School Council